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Fax Pro – Simple, yet delightful way to send & receive faxes on the go

Now send and receive faxes on the go with this excellent application, Fax Pro. Allowing importing doc from cloud storage to device storage or capture a doc, Fax Pro is what you are looking for. Users of this application can add cover page to expose sender and receiver information for free of cost. Compare to other fax apps, it allows users to send faxes at very least cost.

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Recorder Pro – An Advanced & Cost-Effective Audio Recording App

Allowing you to record voice memos, lectures, important conversations and whatever that you wanted to record to use in the future, Recorder Pro is a great audio recording application. Users of this app can record any type of audio with excellent quality and get an advanced recording experience that is not possible through any other recording app.

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Callcorder Pro – A Simple One Tap App to Record Any Incoming & Outgoing Phone Calls

With simple one tap Callcorder Pro app, users can record their incoming and outgoing phone calls and make their phone conversation more interesting. Callcorder Pro is a simple yet feature-rich application that enables users to record any incoming & outgoing phone calls with one tap. Moreover, the users can record important call, prank and interviews seamlessly. Being a one-time paid app, it makes your life a lot easier than before!!

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Lost Glider – A fun addicting adventurous game

Bring some adventures in your life with Lost Glider adventure game, where you can find deadly foggy jungle, beast tribals and the voracious lion. This game has one tap gameplay, Cool 2d graphics and of course, Lost Glider (You), who have to dodge through the mountains by unlocking adventurous vehicles like mountain plane, chopper bike and so on. So, Get Set and Go…Good Luck

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